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Fixed Wireless Internet Plans


Starting at $139/month

All Plans Include

Capped Price Installation

We tell you upfront the cost for you to sign up and join our network, while the costs for some plans may be high we do allow them to be paid off each month.

Priority Network Access

With our Priority Network, Access on all Business plans you won’t have to worry about your internet being consistently slower during peak hours.

Not Data Limits

Enjoy Unlimited data on our Selected Residential Plans to ensure you never have to worry about reaching your limits again.

Internet Plans

Super fast internet delivered Wirelessly


  • Fixed Wireless is a business-grade internet connection.
  • High-speed Internet Connections without the added costs of running a fibre cable.
  • High-speed internet without a fixed-line hassle.
  • Quick set-up can be up and running next day (Subject to Conditions)

Why you should want Fixed Wireless Internet

If you are tired of poor internet speed that may be affecting how long it takes to do things online, then fixed wireless internet is for you.

In Australia, Broadband Internet is mostly transmitted via aging copper lines running through underground pits and is subject to flooding and more! This has been causing ongoing problems such as dropouts and long wait times to connect to a website. People need another solution to be able to get faster and more stable internet speeds.

Wireless internet technology, more specifically, Fixed Wireless internet has come a long way. Since your internet is “beamed” through the air as opposed to underground pits, this means that you can get more superior and reliable wireless internet speeds compared to a standard internet connection installed at your premises in a fraction of the time.

Get The Speeds You Want for the Price you Deserve

Fixed Wireless Internet