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Fixed Wireless



What Does 50Plan Get Me?

Access to our 50Mbit/s plan, This is our most comman plan for people who wish to stream media services, while playing video games online, experience the ability to be able to have multiple family members using the internet connection without the need to worry your movie/game will be interrupted.

Access to a more Reliable Network

Option to Increase or Lower Plans at anytime

Cost Effective Voice Plans available

What’s Included

Capped Price Installation

All of our services come with capped price install so know what the cost is upfront. Payment Plans are available.

Price Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind knowing what your bill will be each month with our no hidden price promise.

No Data Limits

Enjoy unlimited data on our selected residential plans to ensure you never have to worry about reaching your limits again.






Up to 50 Mbit/s

Data Limit


Additional Info

Home Phones aren’t included with this Service, however, if you do wish to have a service we can add this on.

Speeds indicated in the table are maximum theoretical speeds, Fixed Wireless speeds may be affected by factors including but not limited to signal strength or obstruction of the antenna’s line of sight to the Fixed Wireless tower; your in-home setup; how you use the internet at home; and weather conditions such as extreme heat and heavy rain. Clearview Networks cannot ascertain the actual effect of these factors on an individual consumer’s Fixed Wireless
service until after that service is activated. However, where possible we will endeavor to inform you of any potential hazard prior to the service being activated

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